Is A Dirty Office Harming Your Business?   

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It is really obvious that it is a must that your business office or the facility must be kept clean always as most of the people now spend about 90% of their time indoors and a third of that is spent in the office. If your employees will be exposed if you have dirty environment or office that might lead them to unexpected sickness and will create a less productive day or maybe a week because of that. And as your worker is stuck in their working space, it will be impossible for them to move in a different and much cleaner environment. The average office desk space can be able to host much more bacteria than toilet seats so your office must be sanitized from time to time to avoid the spread of illness around the building. 

Dirty Office

To have this healthy and clean environment, hire for the best cleaning service providers in your area to make sure that everyone who is working for you will be working at their best capabilities being effective and efficient workers rather than being hindered by a dusty and dirty environment. Having healthy workers will get you the thing that needs to be done in time with less stress and a happy environment for them. A clean environment can greatly affect in reducing the level of stress at your office making your employees more focused on their work rather being distracted all day.  

A cluttered workplace has been proved to have a negative impact on the employee’s productivity making a distracting environment for them to work with especially if there are many things scattered. Keeping your office tidy and orderly will make sure that you can access documents whenever you will need them making you save your valuable time all throughout the day and to focus on your work rather than organizing things.   

Not only making your workers getting better but also a clean office will help in creating a strong and lasting impression of the image of your business. Your company, such as a company, will really benefit from a clean office like if you imagine having a meeting with a possible business partner and if your office is clean and smells fresh all day, it will likely leave them a good impression that may help them in making a decision to have a permanent business with you. So, keep in mind that a clean, bright and fresh environment will give an inviting and pleasant feel for your guest or if you are meeting someone. Remember that the first impression will go a long way and a strong impression could be lasting if correctly done.  

Now that you understand the benefits of having a clean workplace, it’s time to contact the cleaning company you trust and start discussing the business cleaning to be done making a list of the priority and the needs of your company building. Having a clean office will create a great company image and will make more productive and happy employees who are working hard for the company.  

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Tips in Choosing the Best Commercial Cleaning Company  

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A sanitary and clean business facility is needed for the success of the company. A clean building can add up to the productivity and efficiency of your employees while your customers demand for it. So, the most important question is, who will clean your business building?  

Cleaning Company

One of your options is to outsource the cleaning responsibilities to cleaning business local in your area. Commercial cleaning service company usually conducts cleaning after working hours or it might be a regular interval if the facility has a heavy traffic. They will be responsible for the tidying up like vacuuming to cleaning restrooms to removing trash and restocking consumables. 

There are many benefits in hiring outside cleaning service provider. A business can avoid hiring a cleaning staff or a salaried janitor or avoiding the cleaning of the facility yourself. And also, the cleanliness of your business will be guaranteed and that your office will look professional and tidy.  

As you are still looking for a cleaning service provider, you should ask yourself, what should you look for? From the cleaning service provider’s reputation to the offered expertise and services, here are the criteria for your commercial property cleaning company must meet.  

Reputation and Experience  

Trust is necessary when it comes to business property cleaner because their employees will frequently be in your site during working hours or might be after hours when your employees are out for the day and the company must be responsible for their employees to work diligently without supervision. Gauge the cleaning company’s trustworthiness and consider the following ideas,  

Choose a well-established company in your area. A company that serves many other businesses is more likely that the company has a good reputation and also a reputable cleaning service provider is happy to share your references.  

Employee Training and Screening  

The best cleaning service provides seriously take the hiring process and hiring only the most trustworthy and qualified employees and also provides training to their employees to ensure their working quality and safety. So be sure to understand to research about your providers if they train their employees in other areas like cleaning, safety, and professionalism and know the type of screening the are conducting like having a background check and checking if there are criminal records and also ask if the employee is the same in each location each day or there is someone else.  

Types of Services Offered  

Check the services you need if standard services only or your facility needs some special cleaning. Before choosing a service provider, be sure that they can provide you with the service you need. Some cleaning providers offer additional specialized cleaning services like carpet cleaning, floor waxing or seasonal disinfecting and maybe computer cleaning if needed.   

Types of Facilities Served  

It is also an advantage if the cleaning company is also giving service to a similar facility like yours. And some cleaning companies are specialized in only one type of facility so be sure you understand this.   

Bonded and Insured  

A reputable company must also be fully bonded and insured that they will be responsible for their injured employees. Also, ask for their credentials and licenses. A company such as this is a perfect example


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Is Your Cleaning Company Saving You Time? 

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Is your time not enough to finish a day’s task? Endless meetings and excessive interruption or having too many priorities? Constant prioritization is a must and leaning from your vendor is a vital one because they must provide you a dependable service and save your time while allowing you to focus on your objectives. This is the same for the cleaning company you hire. 

Cleaning Company

A responsible cleaning company could save your time while a responsive cleaning company could save your time even more. If you are accountable in the managing of your cleaning company, you will be able to achieve these three recommendations and the relationship should be trustworthy and stress-free. A perfect example is this San Luis Obispo junk removal company that exceeds peoples expectations.

Ensure communication expectations 

Ensure to understand who and how you are to communicate with if you have a need of cleaning or a cleaning issue. Setting a response expectation is fundamental such as: if there is an emergency, what will happen then? Is the primary and secondary information regarding contact given an updated one? Is it clear? If called, how much time your cleaning company will respond? To ensure the quality, what scenario should be reviewed? This really can save your time; a very well-defined communication path must not be optional. 

Make sure contractual task is exactly what you need 

Now that the cleaning contract are signed. The cleaning company is now bringing their service to your building doing office cleaning yet there seems to be some things lacking. While you pull your contract and notice something like some task are not identified as needs, will you need to wait until renewal of contract to be fix? You should not be for the janitorial service provider should process the change orders quickly. You should make sure that the cleaning tasks you want for them are specified and highlighted and must be exactly just as you need them to do so that it would save your time in the long run. After that, the new task must be placed quickly replacing the wrong note for documentation and quickly bring it into the operation on your behalf. 

Proactive meetings 

Having a regular meeting with the contact of the cleaning company you hired would save you time. This is an example of proactive approach. This will be able to allow you in reviewing their working quality consistently and if ever you want to change your needs, it could be updated also on your meeting. This will also prevent the excessive reactive communication during business hours and even after and to be able to understand what is happening and to prevent the need of responsive concerns just like the saying “a bit of prevention is better than cure” absolutely applies. Your janitorial services must take the lead to ensure a proactive meeting is on schedule. 

It is important that the cleaning company you hire is a top-rate cleaning company that offers a full site of services and to be able you to customize the cleaning program that will suite your needs. 


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